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Are Cordless Motorized Blinds Right For Me?

With child safety concerns growing, cordless motorized blinds are becoming even more popular. In 2018 new safety standards went into effect that required all "stock" window coverings to be cordless, or have inaccessible cords. Today there is pending legislation that will outright ban exposed cords on window coverings altogether.

Regardless of new regulations, many people are electing to "go cordless" and opt for motorized blinds instead. Motorized cordless blinds offer many advantages over traditionally corded window coverings, including the ability to open and close your window treatments by remote control or even blue tooth with your smartphone.

Cordless, motorized shades are especially handy in difficult to reach areas, where you still want to regulate light and privacy. A simple tap on the phone or click of a button will make your sunsets more enjoyable or give the instant privacy you want.

Of course, the biggest advantage of cordless motorized window coverings is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your blinds are safer for young children who might be otherwise tempted to play with the cords.

What about the cost of motorized blinds?

While motorized window coverings do cost more than manual treatments, the price gap has narrowed significantly over the past several years. For those on a tight budget, motorization may or may not work. Your Factory Rep Blinds associate is able to source from just about every quality manufacturer to find a blind that matches your budget.

Can motorized shades be integrated into my Smart Home?

Yes! One of the key advantages of motorized window coverings is the ability to integrate them in your smart home applications. Open and close blinds remotely from across the room, or around the world.

What types of blinds can I order as cordless motorized?

Just about every type of window treatment on the market today that would have traditionally used a cord can now be purchased as a cordless, motorized blind. From cellular shades and horizontal blinds to woven woods, Roman shades, vertical blinds, screens and mini blinds, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Are motorized blinds more difficult to install?

Yes and no. If you plan on installing your blinds yourself, you should know that motorization creates a new set of logistical challenges. A wrong type or incorrectly installed motorized window treatment will cause immediate and long-term headaches with binding, sagging and even dis-mounting. Moreover, tapping into a power source can be a challenge, as not all motorized blinds can operate by battery power. Lastly, setting up your Blue Tooth system can be tedious.

Factory Rep Blinds' experienced team is knowledgeable on which motorized blinds are right for each circumstance and can make sure your power is sourced correctly and safely. Moreover, we don't leave until your motorized blinds are working just right and your remote settings are programmed to perfection.

How do I select the right cordless motorized blinds?

Our team of experienced experts at Factory Rep Blinds is well versed in all your options, and is able to help you choose the cordless motorized window covering solution that fits your exact needs. Call (509) 327-9637 or click here for a FREE consultation today!

Will Factory Rep Blinds come to me?

Factory Rep Blinds serves customers in the Inland Northwest, including the Tri-Cities, Spokane and Coeur d'Alene areas. If you live in or around these areas, we're available for a free consultation. Just call 509.327.9637 or click here to schedule.

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